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17 Reasons Why! I Am Eating Healthy and Still Gaining Weight?

PC: Ketut Subiyanto

Let’s Discuss in detail “Eating Healthy and Still Gaining Weight?

You might well be able to initially reduce a significant great deal of weight without a lot of work. But fat reduction can decrease or stop altogether after a little few years. Whenever you shed weight, the body struggles again. This report lists 20 common explanations for why you aren’t losing weight. Additionally, it incorporates actionable advice on how best to divide the plateau and get things moving.

1. Maybe You Are Losing Without Realizing it.

Bodyweight tends to change with a couple of pounds. It is contingent upon the foods you’re eating, and hormones can also significantly influence simply just how much water the body keeps (particularly in women). Unless your weight was stuck at precisely the exact point for at least 1–two months, then you most likely won’t have to be concerned about any such thing. That is a great thing, as everything you desire to reduce is body weight, not only weight. It’s remarkably normal for your scale not to simmer for a few days (or weeks) at any given moment. It doesn’t necessarily imply that you aren’t a fat loss. It’s a great idea to use something aside from the scale to judge your progress. By way of instance, measure your waist circumference and body weight proportion once a month. If you believe that you have a fat-loss plateau, you should not worry. Additionally, it’s likely to gain muscle weight at the same period since you shed weight. That is very common in case you started exercising.

 2. you are not Keeping Track of What You’re Eating

Studies indicate that keeping tabs on your daily diet aids with weight reduction. 

Individuals using food diaries or picture their foods regularly lose more fat than those who do not. Awareness is essential when you’re attempting to shed weight. Many don’t have any idea just how much peoples are eating.

3. You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Eating protein in 25–30 percent of calories may increase metabolism by 80–100 calories every day and allow you to eat a few hundred fewer calories every day. Additionally, it may dramatically reduce cravings and the need for snacking. That can partially mediate by protein impacts on appetite-regulating hormones, such as ghrelin and many others. Studies indicate that individuals who consume a low-carb are much less hungry and have significantly fewer cravings during the afternoon. Protein is your single most crucial nutritional supplement for shedding weight. A higher protein intake helps stop metabolic downturn, a frequent complication of shedding weight. Furthermore, it helps to avoid weight regain.

4. You’re Eating Too Many Calories

Tracking can also be important when attempting to achieve a specific nutrient target, like getting 30 percent of your protein calories. That may not be possible to reach if you are not monitoring things correctly. It’s not often mandatory to rely on carbohydrates and consider what for the rest of one’s lifetime. As an alternative, check these techniques out for a couple of days every couple of weeks to detect exactly how much you are eating. If you aren’t losing fat, you ought to attempt to outweigh your meals and monitor your calories for some time. Many of those who have difficulty losing weight is just eating many calories. Calorie counters — here’s a list of five free websites and applications that will allow you to keep your eye on your nutritional supplements and caloric consumption. You might believe that this doesn’t apply to you, but remember that research consistently demonstrates that individuals tend to discount their caloric consumption by a substantial number.

5. You’re Not Eating Whole Foods

Food quality is at least as necessary as volume. Remember that lots of processed foods tagged as “health foods” are not entirely healthy. Eating well-balanced meals can enhance your health and also help regulate your hunger. These foods are usually a whole lot more satisfying than their processed counterparts.

6. You’re Not Lifting Weights

Weight lifting may also help prevent metabolic lag and make sure your body remains toned and muscle. That could allow you to maintain muscles that are frequently burned alongside body fat if you’re not exercising. One of the essential things you can perform if losing weight would be to accomplish some weight training, like strength training.

7. You’re Consuming Much in a short time (Binge Eating)

Binge eating can be a frequent complication of dieting. It involves fast-eating considerable quantities of food, frequently a whole lot more than the body desires. If something is more healthy, its calories still count. Based on the amount, one binge could often ruin a whole week’s worth of dieting. That is a substantial issue for all dieters.  

8. Not Doing Cardio

That’s one of the best strategies to better your well-being. It’s also very effective at burning off belly fat. This more harmful “visceral” fat builds up around your organs and causes disease. Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic or aerobic workouts, is any exercise that increases your heart rate. It features activities like jogging, swimming, and biking.

PC: Julia

9. You are Still Drinking\Consuming Sugar

Carbonated beverages would probably be the very fattening items inside the food source. Even berry drinks are debatable and shouldn’t consume in huge quantities.

An individual glass may have a similar glucose level to a few fruit pieces. That is not just true of carbonated beverages such as Coke and Pepsi. Besides, it pertains to the “healthiest” beverages, such as Vitaminwater, which can also be laden with glucose.

10. You are Not Sleeping Well

Studies indicate that poor sleep is just one of those single most significant risk factors, such as obesity. Mothers and children with inadequate sleep include a 55 percent and 89 percent greater chance of becoming fat, respectively.

PC: Andrea

Fantastic rest is just one of the main facets of psychological and physical wellness, in addition to weight reduction. 

11. You Are Not Cutting Carbohydrates

Lowcarb food diets may also result in lots of metabolic markers, such as triglycerides, “good” HDL cholesterol, and blood glucose, to list a couple. When you own a great deal of weight to metabolic or metabolic issues like diabetes or pre-diabetes, you might choose to think about a low-carb diet. In short-term studies, that form of diet should prove to produce up to 2–three times the maximum amount of weight loss while the conventional “low-carb” dietary plan that’s frequently advocated.

12. You Are Eating Too Often

It’s just a myth that everybody should be eating lots of tiny meals daily to enhance their metabolism and shed weight. On the flip side, an effective fat loss system identified as intermittent fasting entails intentionally moving without food for extended amounts of time (1-5 –twenty-four hours or even longer ). It’s also ridiculously inconvenient to function like eating and preparing all day since it generates healthy nutrition a whole lot harder. Studies show that meal frequency has little effect on fat burning or weight loss.

13. You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

GIF: Tenor

In a single 12-week body fat loss study, those who drank a liter (17 oz ) of water for half an hour before meals lost 44 percent more fat than people who failed. Drinking water can help with weight reduction. Regular tap water has also demonstrated improving the number of calories burned off by 2 4 –30 percent over 1.5 hours.

14. You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Also, remember the alcohol itself contains about seven calories per gram, which will be pretty high. If you enjoy alcohol but need to shed weight, it could be best to stick to spirits (like vodka) mixed with a zero-calorie drink. That is said, studies on weight and alcohol show mixed consequences. Moderate drinking seems okay, while heavy drinking has connected to weight gain.

15. You’re Not Eating Mindfully

It involves reducing, eating with no hassle, savoring, and enjoying each bite while adhering to the pure signs that let your mind as soon as the body has enough. An approach named mindful eating could be among the earth’s most effective weight loss programs. Colors, tastes, and tastes. If you are to feel good, drink a while and then quit eating meals. Try to Know about the colors. Here Are a Few Tips to consume more mindfully: Eat zero distractions, even sitting at a desk together using only 

16. You Have a Medical Condition 

Certain medications may make fat loss more challenging or, perhaps, bring about weight reduction. Many health conditions could induce weight reduction and make it much tougher to shed weight. These are hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and anti-snoring. If you feel any one of them affects you, confer with your physician about your alternatives.

17. You Are Addicted to Junk Food

If you have caught on to junk food, then only eating changing your daily diet may seem utterly impossible. Here is the way you can get help. Individuals who have this problem usage crap food in the same manner as drug addicts use medication. As stated by a 2014 analysis, roughly 19.9percent of men and women in the united states and Europe meet the criteria for food dependence.

Some Additional Reasons for “eating healthy and still gaining weight”

You Have Been Starving Yourself For Long

If you were slimming down for most months and then you’ve struck a plateau, then maybe you have to consider a rest. Your calorie consumption with a way of a couple of hundred calories every day, sleep longer and lift some weights to become more assertive and gain a bit of muscle. Try to keep the body fat amounts for 1–two months Before You Begin trying to Drop weight back. It might perhaps well not be a perfect plan to “diet” for as longterm.

Your Expectations Are Unrealistic

People who have already discard the unwanted weight and feel good about themselves. However, the scale does not appear to wish to budge further, then maybe you ought to begin doing work on accepting the human body how it’s. The photos you find in magazines and also other places, in many cases, are enhanced.

PC: mali

Sooner or later, your weight will reach a wholesome place stage where the body feels more relaxed. Attempting to proceed outside this might well not be well worth your time and attempt and could even be hopeless for you. Even though it’s frequently feasible to shed weight fast at first, not many folks may continue to shed weight at an interest rate over just 1 –two pounds each week. Losing weight is usually a slow procedure. Lots of folks shed patience before attaining their end objective. Another critical issue is that several folks have unrealistic expectations of attainable using a proper diet and exercise.

The Conclusion:

Losing weight isn’t necessarily simple, and many facets can bring it to a standstill. At the most elementary level, weight reduction collapse occurs when calorie consumption is equivalent to or greater than calorie expenditure. Try plans which range from mindful eating to keeping a food journal, from consuming more protein to performing strength exercises. In the long run, altering your weight and lifestyle needs commitment, self-discipline, perseverance, and endurance.

20 Best Hangover Foods: checkout What to eat in a hangover: best foods for a hangover

Pic Credits: Rodnae Productions

It’s thought that your body undergoes specific immune and hormonal reactions throughout a hangover which activate various symptoms. While there isn’t any known cure for hangovers, several beverages and foods might alleviate symptoms. Symptoms include nausea, fatigue, headache and sensitivity to light, dehydration, or nausea, which lasts for a few hours. A hangover is a human reaction to drinking an excessive amount of alcohol. Here would be the 2 3 most valuable foods and beverages to help alleviate a hangover. Research hangovers are restricted and also the specific procedures supporting them are poorly known.

“Here is the list of 20 Best Hangover Foods to Cure a Hangover”

1. Eggs

Having a drink reduces your body’s stores of negativity. Without it, the body has trouble wearing the toxic elements of alcohol metabolism. Eggs are full of cysteine, an amino acid your body uses to create the antioxidant glutathione. Eating cysteine-rich eggs can be an excellent solution to maximize glutathione in the human entire body and possibly improve anxiety symptoms.

Pic Credits: Danial Reche

2. Bananas

Alcohol blocks the creation of a hormone that helps the human body continue to water, resulting in dehydration and the lack of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. Bananas are notably full of potassium and help rejuvenate the stores. One medium banana comprises 12 percent of the daily value (DV) with this particular nutritional supplement (6).

Pic By: Aleksandar Pasaric

3. Watermelon

Moreover, its high water content can assist you in rehydrating. Watermelon is, moreover, of citrulline, a nutritional supplement that could boost blood flow. Since aggravation related to a hangover is generally because of dehydration and decreased blood flow into the mind, ingestion of watermelon might help.

Pic by: Rodion

4. Honey

But eating honey and other foods such as fructose shouldn’t eliminate, being a possible approach to feel much better after drinking a lot of better. One study from 50 adults discovered that honey raised the alcohol removal rate to 32.4percent.

Pic by: Pixabay

5. Pickles

Pickles are full of sodium, an electrolyte that’s can deplete throughout excess drinking. One dill pickle spear contains about 13 percent of the DV for sodium. Better still, 2.5 oz (75 ml) of pickle juice provides about 20 percent of the DV (1 2, 1 3 ). Remember, the sodium content of pickles might vary by new. Eating pickles or drinking their brine might improve your sodium degrees and overcome your hangover.

Pic by: Mapta

While research on this area is restricted, fructose can quickly rid the alcohol system. As a result of high sugar levels, honey may improve hangover disorders. In reality, it might vary between 34.8percent and 39.8% fructose, so based upon the sort. Despite its ability to raise the rate at which the human body gets rid of alcohol, fructose failed to minimize the high degree of hangover symptoms from another analysis.

6. Crackers (Biscuit/Cookies)

Five saltine crackers (30 g ) comprise approximately 22 g of carbohydrates (20). Crackers contain fast-acting carbohydrates that could boost your blood glucose in a hangover and improve related ailments. After the liver has been currently processing, it controls blood glucose. That is why low blood glucose could result from excess ingestion, particularly in people with diabetes. Eating carbohydrates increases blood sugar.

7. Nuts (Nutlet)

Excessive alcohol ingestion can deplete calcium in cells. Because of this, refilling magnesium stores can help cure symptoms. As a result of their high magnesium, nuts could be a remedy to your hangover.

8. Spinach (Swiss chard)

Spinach is full of folate, a nutrient that diminished because of drinking. Moreover, research suggests that avocados contain chemicals that protect against kidney injury. Since drinking excess requires a toll on your liver, avocados could be perfect for hangovers.

Credis: Giphy

9. Avocado Pear

An overview of this research discovered that smoking impairs folate absorption, along with chronic alcohol ingestion may result in lack. Eating avocados following an evening of drinking may increase low cholesterol levels from alcohol ingestion and dehydration. In reality, one avocado (136 g ) packs 20 percent of the DV with this particular vitamin (26). Eating spinach can help you keep sufficient folate degrees after drinking. One cup (180 g ) of grilled salmon provides 66 percent of the DV (25).

10. Meat

Along with other high-protein foods, fish can help the own body handle a hangover. The body splits down protein into amino acids, making it a fantastic alternative in a hangover. Three oz (85 g ) of beef have near 25 g of protein, whereas three oz (84 g ) of poultry white meat pack 1 3 g (30, 3 1 ). Research demonstrates that alcohol prevents the human body from absorbing specific proteins. In reality, chronic alcohol ingestion may cause amino acid deficiencies.

11. Porridge

One study discovered that eating a morning meal packed with complex carbohydrates in place of processed sugars contributed to improved mood and fewer feelings of fatigue. Reaching for oatmeal following an evening of heavy drinking might aid with hangover-related stress, fatigue, or lower blood glucose levels. Oatmeal comprises complex carbohydrates that provide a slow and steady release of sugars into the blood and might help with hangover indications.

12. Blueberries

Research in 20 men discovered that blood levels of different inflammatory chemicals increased after alcohol ingestion. Blueberries are full of nutrients that fight inflammation in the human body, which is useful when you’ve got a hangover. Therefore, eating blueberries after having too much to drink might help fight associated inflammation.

13. Chicken Noodle Soup

Research demonstrates that chicken noodle soup can help you rehydrate — mainly because of the high sodium content. Beef noodle soup is a favorite cure for the flu or the common cold. But, it might also be helpful for hangovers. One cup (245 g ) of chicken noodle soup supplies 35 percent of the DV for sodium (36).

14. Oranges

Oranges are full of vitamin C, which might stop your body from dropping glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps rid the body of alcohol, which frequently diminishes through alcohol ingestion. Eating oranges may provide you the vitamin C you have to keep glutathione levels secure and cure your hangover.

15. Asparagus (Sparagrass)

Though there’s now no research regarding the consequence of asparagus on hangovers in humans, ingestion of this vegetable could be well worth a try. According to a single test-tube study, extracts from significantly more than doubled the efficacy of certain enzymes help break alcohol down and protected liver tissues from damage. Asparagus packs certain chemicals that can offer relief.

16. Salmon

As having a drink may raise the range of chemicals that cause inflammation, ingestion of salmon or different oily fish could be an excellent means to alleviate hangover symptoms. Salmon is full of omega3 essential fatty acids, decreasing inflammation in the human body.

17. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain several nutrients that might help you get over a hangover faster. One cup (200 g ) of cooked sweet potato contains more than 750 14 percent of the DV for calcium, percent of the DV for vitamin A, and 27 percent of DV for potassium (44). Vitamin-A might help fight the redness related to hangovers. In contrast, potassium and magnesium require to restore what’s lost throughout alcohol ingestion.

18. Ginger & Garlic

Even the anti-nausea aftereffects of ginger make it a potential treatment for your gut upset related to hangovers. It may be consumed by Itself, in smoothies, or even te. Extensive research confirms the usage of ginger is a highly effective cure for nausea. 

19. Water

Drinking water is among the essential things you can perform with a hangover. As alcohol is a diuretic, it allows you to pee more usually and contributes to more significant water loss. Water may replenish those fluids that are lost. 

20. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice can still be another fantastic drink to drink with a hangover. Research proves that berries contain chemicals that protect against kidney injury. Excessive alcohol consumption may cause liver damage. Therefore berries may offset the consequences of having a drink. Moreover, one test-tube analysis found that coconut juice may quicken the speed at which genes procedure alcohol.


One study discovered that chemicals in green tea extract somewhat decreased blood glucose concentration. Added research shows significant effects in mice fed up with green tea extract extracts. Even though the study from creatures ought to attain, the effectiveness of green tea infusion in preventing hangover signs may interpret to people. Green tea could assist in fighting hangovers, too.

The Conclusion: Best Hangover Foods to Cure a Hangover

The perfect method to avoid a hangover is to stay away from alcohol to wash it in moderation. Should you wind up struggling with a hangover, then swallowing many beverages or foods with this detailed list may have you back again to normal right away. While there isn’t any magic cure for a hangover, even several beverages and foods can help you feel much better.

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Stuck & lonely! Top 7 Tips How To Cope With Loneliness During Lockdown? Best So far

How to cope with loneliness during lockdown from 2019-2021 is such a challenging phenomenon. It’s another significance to each of us. You might be surrounded by family and friends and still feel lonely during this pandemic lockdown. You might be living with your favorite people on the planet and still feel lonely. Together with the problems that the outbreak is generating, it appears unlikely that isolation levels will slow down. You are not alone in having felt lonely if you have experienced it for the first time this year or it’s something you’ve struggled with previously. Discover these seven best tips which could allow you to tackle feelings of isolation that this winter. So what do we do to fight these feelings?

What to do during lockdown alone! & How To Cope With Loneliness During Lockdown? Here Is a Complete Guide with personal experience.

What choices do you have if you feel lonely during the coronavirus covid-19 outbreak?

You may be missing relatives and friends, coworkers, or other regular connections you’d. It is normal to feel like that, and you shouldn’t blame yourself for feeling as if you’re fighting today or at any time. Contact with family and friends is still restricted, and leisure and social activities are limited, which may result in feelings of solitude — especially if you’re staying at home. If you are feeling lonely right now, these ideas may help. Various things work for different folks, so try to get the same that suits you and seek additional support if you believe you want it. It is crucial to keep in mind that these changes won’t last forever.

As an instance, you may try doing an internet activity where other individuals are attending. Still, you are not expecting to socialize together, like a drawing lesson. If you make your mind & willing to joining a new class or course, you can ask those who conduct the sessions if you can merely watch at the beginning instead of taking part. It was just knowing that other men and women could be sufficient to assist with some emotions of isolation. Many folks find these ideas helpful but bear in mind that different things work for other individuals at various times.

Just try what you feel comfortable with, and attempt not to place too much stress on your own. Suppose the thing is not working correctly for you (or does not feel possible only now). In that case, it is feasible to try something different or return to another time. Suppose you have handled loneliness for quite a while, even when you already know many folks. In that case, it may not be very comforting to consider trying to meet new people or even opening around people for the very first time.

I find These items essential for maintaining my psychological health in check and self-isolation at home and learn “How To Cope With Loneliness During Lockdown covid-19″

1. Focus on what you have with you!

Appreciating each dialog as it pertains and appreciating the second is so essential. Too often, I’ve caught myself wondering if we’ll talk again and again when we’ll see each other. And this also contributes to additional flawed thinking and a worse disposition! Attempt to remain current, remain mindful, and revel in the business instead of focusing on the reality that you can not view in person.

First, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of loving tiny things and attempting to be as current as possible in every social circumstance. Family Zoom calls, college meetings, talk together with your spouse — it’s easy to fall into doing such things with our heads everywhere. Instead, attempt to be within every circumstance and enjoy the beautiful ways that technologies will keep us connected, even in these strange conditions.

2. Plan your time first

Staying active will help prevent you from living in the situation and making matters worse. Even if you’re not working, having a structure for your day is a good idea. Get showered and dressed rather than lounging around in pajamas. Keep to regular mealtimes. Have many things to look forward to Every day, such as catch-up with friends, a movie, or a tasty dinner. Try to chalk up a small accomplishment daily — something you’ve meant to do for ages but have not got around. 

3. Contact Your loved ones

My tips are to study a new idea, locate a new group or artist, or try new recipes collectively (socially distanced or more video discussion ). My next idea for reducing solitude is to get in touch with individuals more intentionally. There are tons of strategies to remain in touch — if that is texting, Zoom calls, or societal media – however, everything you speak about is equally as crucial as how and how long. Possessing general chit-chat may be great for your brain! 

However, what can be better is using a subject in mind to speak about and do these things with your loved ones. For Example

  • Read a book
  • Discuss your ideas
  • Watch a movie
  • Discuss your emotions
  • Play Online Games
  • Have a dialogue about something else

Note: Avoid talking about typical work tasks and everyday routines. Investing energy in something particular can start up a string of discussions and paths of interest and fortify any connection.

4. Be open & honest with people you care about

This technique I’d suggest would be truthful and open with the nearest to you. It appears apparent but telling somebody near you which you are feeling lonely can help — I’ve done this in years past. It’s enhanced a bond and eventually become somebody to reach out to more. We might feel lonely as our family or friends are active. Still, suppose you let them know you’re fighting. In that case, they’re probably to offer you a helping hand and make time for you, which enhances the social relationship and immediately combats the lonely atmosphere. 

how to deal with loneliness during lockdown It’s a callous thing to do – admitting that you’re vulnerable is tough – but accomplishing it may do the world of good. And finally, a general suggestion for all: there are constantly people around who adore and cherish us, no matter what.

5. Do the things you enjoy Most!

If You’d like something more relaxing, Try out a free mental well-being sound manual, or provide a comfort or mindfulness program a go. Exercise may raise your mood and take your mind off things, or try walking, cycle or jogging outdoors if it’s Allowed by govt.

Or create an indoor course component of your everyday routine. If it’s possible to head outside, a visit to the park might help, but constantly follow social distancing guidelines whenever you’re outside your property.

When you are in your home, entertaining radio shows or podcasts are a fantastic way to occupy your thoughts and keep your business. You can listen to audiobooks and join an internet book club to chat about them with other people.  Additionally, there are many humor clubs on the internet, so search for something that will make you laugh.

6. Stay busy & learn something new

If you would like to do something which gets you thinking about anything else, you can try learning a language. There are lots of online courses, from novices to advanced classes. Give it a try — several of these classes are free.

Become a guitar enthusiast, learn piano or join a virtual choir. Now’s a good time to go for a hobby or something you’ve always wanted to be able to perform — and it can be an excellent way to spend time with other people. If you enjoy learning with other people, you could join an online course for arts and crafts, cooking, DIY, or gardening.

And if it has new job skills you want, there are many free online professional classes. Suppose you’re feeling lonely due to a shortage of gratifying social contact in your own life. In that case, you might attempt to meet more or various men and women. Attempt to join a class or group according to your hobbies or pursuits. Joining this class or group may incorporate online courses if you can not attend matters in person. See our webpage of helpful contacts for techniques to locate classes that interest you. 

If you’re in a position to, then volunteering is a great way of meeting people. Helping others may also actually help improve your emotional well-being. It’s also a fantastic idea to check you will get sufficient support from the organization you’re volunteering for looking. Visit our site of helpful contacts for businesses that may help you find local volunteering opportunities. “Be courageous and reach out to somebody. It does not need to be face-to-face; you can share an article on social networking.”

Finally, Beware puts pressure on your own with a very long to-do record, though. Stress is not going to get you anywhere.

Benefits Of Cloth Face Masks

A cloth face mask, sometimes called a nasal mask, is a simple but effective mask designed specifically for your nose and mouth. The basis of these masks is the idea that your skin needs to breathe as well as look its best. As such, the cloth used in facial masks should be able to trap your breathe and help to equalize the moisture in your skin as you breathe in. In addition, the cloth should also help to capture any odors as you breathe out as well as transmit important bacteria and viruses. These are just a few of the reasons that using a cloth face mask when you go out can is the best solution.

Table of Contents

  • Types of Cloth Face Masks
  • Ventilation Holes in Cloth Face Masks
  • Ingredients
  • Advice

Types of Cloth Face Masks

There are two main types of cloth face masks, those made from cotton and those that are made from polyester. Cotton masks are the easiest to use. While some researchers feel that the use of cotton masks offers some measure of protection, most agree that more is always better. Polyester masks, on the other hand, are designed to block more particles than can be found in cotton masks. 

Since the primary reason that people use cloth face masks is to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses, it makes sense that these masks should also be able to prevent the transmission of one of coronavirus. 

Ventilation Holes in Cloth Face Masks

While all cloth face masks should have some sort of ventilation hole at the top or bottom of the mask, it is important to make sure that the ventilation holes in your mask are wide enough to allow some air to circulate. Without adequate ventilation at the top and bottom of your mask, you run the risk of trapping moisture within your mask. This moisture can create the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and fungus, which can lead to serious health issues.


Another consideration to keep in mind is the fact that the majority of the world health organization advises its members and patients to avoid the use of anything that contains a significant amount of oil. This would include both liquid and cream moisturizers. While the majority of liquid and cream moisturizers typically contain petrolatum and mineral oil, which are considered to be good absorbents, they do not provide adequate protection against moisture. By using cloth face masks that do not contain any petroleum-based ingredients, you can help to ensure that you are receiving full protection against the harmful effects of oils.


When purchasing cloth masks, it is important to remember that you should always choose those that are made from completely natural materials. The materials used to create these masks should include cotton, hemp, and other natural fibers. By choosing products that are made completely from natural materials, you can rest assured that you will receive the protection that these masks offer.

Visit the Masque Corporation For more info & Orders reusable face masks

What Could Be the Cause of Constipation?

What Could Be the Cause of Constipation! Common Constipation is a very common digestive disorder that occurs when there is difficulty in passing stool or bowel movements become infrequent. Specifically, if you only pass stool about 3 times a week, you can be diagnosed with constipation. On top of this, whenever you do pass stool, it may be very hard and dry, and cause a lot of pain.

Having occasional constipation is quite common and not much to be worried about (though you still need to take care and be mindful). However, chronic constipation, with the disorder frequently arising over long periods, can greatly interfere with one’s routine and productivity.

If you think you might be suffering from chronic constipation, we highly recommend you visit a physician to properly diagnose the condition. We suggest a Best General physician in Lahore if you reside in the area.

Table of contents

  • Causes of constipation
  • Risk Factors
  • Symptoms

What Could Be the Cause of Constipation

The most common cause of constipation is a faulty diet. A poor diet that is low on fiber and water intake can result in very hard stool that is difficult to move through the colon. Fiber comes in both soluble and insoluble forms. The former mixes with water through the system to form a gel-like substance, making the stool soft, while the latter maintains its structure and makes it easier for the stool to move through the digestive tract.

Other causes besides a diet that is low in fiber include:

  • Stress resulting in reduced or delayed muscle contractions
  • Dehydration resulting in reduced moisture in stool
  • Lack of exercise
  • Altering routine by restraining bowel movements
  • Medications such as antacids high in calcium and pain medications, and overusing laxatives
  • Pregnancy
  • Bowel obstructions
  • Colon or rectal cancer
  • Anal fissures
  • Narrowing of the colon
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Diverticulosis

Some causes are linked to damage to neurons in the nervous system that are responsible for controlling muscle movement in the colon. These include:

  • Autonomic neuropathy
  • Strokes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Injury to the peripheral nervous system

Risk Factors

Though the main risk factors of developing constipation are a poor diet and low water intake, there are a few others that put you at a greater risk of having the condition. These include:

  • Age: It has been shown that adults over the age of 65 are very prone to having constipation, as they have underlying medical conditions, has poorer diets, and have weakened musculature.
  • Sex: Women have also been shown to be affected by constipation more often than men are.
  • Pregnancy: This is accompanied by a lot of hormonal changes as well as pressure being placed on the lower intestine due to the growing baby, leading to a greater risk of developing the condition.
  • Medications: Certain medications such as sedatives, opioids, and anti-depressants could increase the risk of developing the condition.
  • Low physical activity: If you have a condition that confines you to bed or prevents you from being physically active, you’re more likely to develop constipation.


Apart from the reduced frequency of bowel movements and associated pain, there are a few other symptoms of the condition. These include a feeling of fullness in the rectum despite having passed stool, straining to bring about a bowel movement and feeling that there’s a blockage preventing your bowel movements.

If you feel as though you’re suffering from these symptoms, consistently over long periods of time or otherwise, you should consult a physician. If you live in Islamabad, these General physicians in Islamabad are good options.

Does it work? Activated charcoal for hangover prevention [Complete Information]

Charcoal for hangover will be discussed later in this article. But first, let us discover what charcoal itself is?

Table of contents

  1. What is charcoal
  2. Charcoal for hangover
  3. Activated charcoal side effects

1. What is charcoal?

Most people get confused and consider charcoal and coal as the same. It is not true coal is natural rock and charcoal is artificially made by woods. Woods are buried in a fire pit in absence of oxygen and what we get is a pure form of carbon.

Charcoals are very famous and used in a wide variety of products. Not only they are used as a better alternative to wood. But, also it is used in the cosmetics industry. From face masks to soaps for detoxification, they are very useful. But, the question arises does charcoal for a hangover is a good idea?

Read More About Charcoal.

2. Charcoal for hangover

Well, all of you know how miserable the feeling is when you drink too much alcohol yesterday. And, in the morning your head is hurting like someone is beating it with a rod. Along with other symptoms and of course dehydration.

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Although, there is no proper cure for hangovers like many other well-believed cures and remedies. Activated charcoal is considered very helpful in overcoming hangover pains and dehydration.

And it makes sense a bit because active charcoal is actually used in the treatment of patients suffering high toxins and overdosage of medicines. People who use activated charcoal for hangover cure are indicating that it is very useful for them. Activated charcoal comes in form of pills or drinkable substances and it is a very famous cure.

But, the question arises in mind that what medical specialists suggest about this myth. They do not agree with us, medical specialists say that consuming for hangover cure doesn’t really do anything. Because the very next day when hangover comes, there is no alcohol in your stomach which charcoal is supposed to bind with. Even further bad news is that charcoal may prove to be risky for you. It could cause many problems lungs and intestine.

3. Activated charcoal side effects

Although taking a normal amount of charcoal doesn’t do anything usually. But, if you face hangovers more often and take activated charcoal in more amount. Less likely but taking charcoal from the mouth can cause blockage in the intestines and lungs. And during pregnancy, the amount of charcoal should be adjusted by the doctor’s advice.


Even though charcoal is a very useful substance in many fields and many people believe that it is very useful for hangovers but from a medical point of view it is not proved yet. And consumption of charcoal at a high amount can also cause issues.

Does charcoal helps in hangover cure?

Even though charcoal is a very useful substance in many fields and many people believe that it is very useful for hangovers but from a medical point of view it is not proved yet. And consumption of charcoal at a high amount can also cause issues.

Coconut water hangover cure? 3 reasons it might be helpful ( Guide )

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Coconut water hangover cure might be effective because our brain is almost water
  3. It is loaded with nutrients
  4. Good source of hydration
  5. Final Thought

Have you ever heard about coconut water hangover cure? Well, it is true and this might be very helpful to get rid of a headache and flashing light in your eyes. Yeah, it happens most often.

On any occasion, whether it’s a party, wedding, or birthday we sometimes forget to keep a check on the meal. Obviously, it is a time of joy and celebrations who thinks about a balanced diet there. The same story goes for drinks, thinking that it is the last drink for tonight but mostly we never end up there.

And the penalty is head pounding like someone is hitting our head with the hammer. But no worries coconut water is here to help you. You heard that right even most of you heard about coconut water hangover cure before. But is it really helpful? What makes it different from normal water? Let’s Explore.

Coconut water hangover cure might be effective because our brain is almost water

Yes, it’s true our brain is 70% water, and hangover causes dehydration that makes your brain feel pain so badly. So, here you might think that “well why no just grab a glass of water and complete this 70% figure quickly”. If you are thinking this then you are wrong. Because coconut water contains lots of nutrients, sugar, and electrolytes.

That really plays a vital role is pain relief and literally refiling your brain with water.

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It is loaded with nutrients

Drinking itself is not really a healthy thing but over drinking can cause even more damage. Even though research is underway and it is not completely confirmed that does coconut water actually helps in hangover cure.

But, one thing is confirmed that is it packed with a high concentration of nutrients that can help you recover fast. Coconut water contains carbs, fiber, protein, vitamins, potassium, and sodium that are really healthy and improves metabolism if you drink it even regularly.

Coconut water is also very helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels. And research has been taken place in rats with diabetes and results were very positive. So, it is not wrong to say that coconut water is beneficial for diabetes patients.

Coconut water is very beneficial for the heart’s health and blood pressure. It is proved from research that daily usage of coconut water can reduce fats on the liver and reduce cholesterol level that is very helpful for keeping heart healthy. And, potassium in coconut water plays a key role in maintaining blood pressure levels.

Check complete benefits for coconut water from here.

Good source of hydration

Coconut water can be used as a perfect source for hydration. Due to its a little sugary taste and high fiber it is not too harmful for diabetes patients. Besides that it is also refreshing as well, especially if you drink it directly.

Final Thought

Coconut water hangover cure is not yet completely confirmed but people using it feels relief from headache. Besides that it is confirmed that coconut water is packed with nutrients and its is very helpful in diabetes, blood pressure control and hydration.

Is coconut water good for hangover cure?

Yes, coconut water for hangover cure is very beneficial for you even though it is not yet fully confirmed. But due to high concentration of nutrients coconut water can help you a lot in recovering and getting rid of pain.

6 Reason why you think that I don’t belong anywhere – What you should do?

Humans are social species, so keeping that in mind everyone wants to communicate with others to keep themselves happy. But, in some part of your life or from the start of your life you might feel I don’t belong anywhere or I feel like I don’t belong in my family.

This is a very common feeling and irritated as well if you are an extrovert person. Some, people don’t really like to socialize they like being lonely and this condition doesn’t bother them at all. So, if you are here reading this that means you don’t like to be lonely.

And that’s completely ok, you always need help from others directly or indirectly. We have to share our feelings to let go of our stress. Our brain is an extremely powerful machine and if we don’t do the maintenance, it would collapse.

But the problem is you actually wanted to socialize but people around you are not responding at all or they talk, walk, think so differently. Then, the “I don’t belong anywhere” feeling makes an entry. This condition is or feeling is also known as Alienation. It could be caused by you or the people around you. So here are the possible reasons that are making you feel this way…

Table of Contents

  1. Your personality is unusual
  2. Maybe there is a loneliness factor in your family
  3. Feeling “I don’t belong anywhere” might be because you are an introvert
  4. Your culture is different from your mind
  5. Maybe people around you are weird
  6. You have some sort of depression

1. Your personality is unusual

Well, if you have been feeling like I don’t belong anywhere from start. Then that’s is not something caused by an incident or change in your life. It is possible that you have a unique personality different from other not in a bad way but in a good way. Like, unusually successful people don’t really socialize like normal people.

For example, if you work when others normally socialize and finished your work and hang out late when other usually are preparing for sleep. Or, you don’t talk to other first due to hesitation and people don’t talk to you because of hesitation. These factor also plays role in making alienation condition.

2. Maybe there is loneliness factor in your family

Yes, if you feel I feel like I don’t belong in my family or I don’t belong anywhere. I could be because your family is not social at all. For example, they don’t meet up with relatives or friends often. And at home, you guys don’t talk much. Just having dinner and one by one off to their rooms. Growing up in this environment especially as a social kid is very hard.

And once you are grown up and see the whole world in front of you trying to make friends. But, later you realize that they all are the same and you are just from mars or something. Here your past experiences in the family are playing their role. Maybe you never learned to share feelings and listening to others.

3. Feeling “i don’t belong anywhere” might be because you are an introvert

Maybe this is the most complex reason and if you are facing issues because of this then you might find it difficult to handle. If you are an introvert by nature then you must be facing alienation since you started to realize what socializing means. Well, if it is in your nature that you don’t talk to others means you are not aware of their experiences. This can also end up making you think and you don’t belong here.

You could possibly be belonging to that society but just because of lack of communication makes you feel this way.

4. Your culture is different from your mind

Well, this is most interesting reason to make you feel like i don’t belong anywhere. What actually happening is that you don’t belong anywhere in society you are living in. Most likely you are very open minded and fashion you like is more open and country you are living in is not that open minded. This may land you in alienation. It also happens opposite if you like controlled society and like to wear simple clothes but you are living in society which is so glittery and probably out of control. This is more irritation and lonely.

Possible solution could be moving to place where people think like you.

5. Maybe people around you are weird

Unfortunately, but yes sometimes we may be living in a situation when our colleagues, family members, and friends are different like weirdly different. They could be probably mean or they want to do and think the same as they do.

Just try to move to another city or at least try to make new friends that share mutual feelings not dictating feelings.

6.You have some sort of depression

Yeah, it is possbile that unfortunately it is you all the time. People around you are completely normal and they communicate with you just like others. But this point is fixed in your are mind you are unable to ingore this feeling.

In that case, it is always wise to ask for medical help. Check out different types of depression.


Why can’t I be normal like everyone else?

How long does methadone stay in urine? How to prevent overdosage ( 2020 Complete Guide )

If you and your loved ones are using methadone medication then it is a very common question that arises in mind. That how long does methadone stay in urine and in your body and how much dose is perfectly safe?

Table of Contents:

  1. What is methadone
  2. How long does methadone stay in urine and in the overall system
  3. Side effects and how to prevent methadone abuse?

What is methadone

Methadone is medication normally used for the treatment of drug addiction like heroin and pain relief because it is considered a cheaper alternative to other pain relief medications. They are also sold with the brand names Dolophine and Methadose. It can take only one month to detoxify a suffering individual.  And mostly is it used for the withdrawal of opioids.

Just like other opioids, methadone works by changing the way the brain and the rest of the nervous system respond to the sensation of pain you can read more about methadone specifically from this article. Even though it is used as an opioid withdrawal medication. But, there is a risk of overdosage and methadone addiction. Overdosage can also lead to death so a question like this arises in mind that How long does methadone stay in urine and in the overall system and how to prevent overdosage

How long does methadone stay in urine and in the overall system

Active methadone stays in our body for typically 2 to 3 days. But, that doesn’t completely vanish and it can be detected in a urine test after 2 to 3 days. However, after 3 days the presence of methadone does not affect your body. So, how long does methadone stay in urine and in the overall system?

Honestly, it depends on a person’s age, weight, metabolism but the average time is 14 days. Also, it depends if the person is an opioids addict or not.

If you talk specifically about urine then it can detect methadone one hour after ingestion and up to two weeks after the last use. Methadone can also be detected using blood tests, saliva tests,s and hair tests. But urine test is considered more accurate than others. So, if you are taking methadone medications and a question comes to your mind that how long does methadone stay in urine or in your body. Then the simple answer is average of 60 hours and a non-effective substance can stay up to 10 to 14 days.

If we talk about overdosage then it is also a factor worth considering. Because overdosage can cause coma and in severe cases death. As mentioned it can take up to 60 hours for methadone to completely transition from active to dead state. Before that methadon stays active and taking second dose can cause real issues. But over dosage is reversible and can be cured if a person gets medical help immediately. Other symptoms of overdosage are.

  1. Breathing problem
  2. Sleepiness
  3. Muscle weakness
  4. Cold, clammy skin
  5. Slowed heart rate
  6. Inability to respond or wake up

The patient should always take the dosage as prescribed by the doctor. Reactions to overdosage depend from person to person. A person with high tolerance can withstand its reaction this also goes for age. If you are older or have weak metabolism then very low dosage should be prescribed by the doctor.

Side effects and how to prevent methadone abuse?

Two of the major side effects are overdosage and addiction. We have discussed previously that overdosage can be very lethal. So, one should always keep a decent time span in dosage and older patients should take a very low dose.

And, the second one is addiction. Although methadone is a treatment for drugs addiction. But it works same as other drugs but it is not as damaging to health as other. Main purpose of using methadone is to manage the craving of addict person with more health friendly alternative. But, it is also a risky medications if not managed properly. Patient can get addicted to methadone but there are treatments for this issue as well.

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How long does methadone stay in urine and over all system?

Active methadone can stay up to 3 days in your body but it can vary from person to person. But inactive methadone can b detected for up to 14 days.

Why can’t I be normal like everyone else? [2020]

Do you think that why can’t I be normal like everyone else? Why do people ignore me? If you are young then why people of the opposite gender do not get attracted to you.

These questions come to the mind of many people, you are not alone. If not every time but still in some part of their life they feel the same. But, the reason can be different for every person though. Because real life is too complex to understand as a single thing can be different from person to person.

“Why can’t I be normal” You are probably overthinking

Yes, you read right it is possible that it’s just you who thinks that way. It could be possible that you are important to someone or people interact with you just the same they do to each other. But, you are too sensitive to think a little aspect too much that others normally ignore. There is also a possibility that you just want more attention than a normal person.

In this situation you are not below normal you are actually trying to be above average. Well, this is a different topic and you can actually become above average. But, we are not going to cover it here. But, if this is not a situation then the next one may match your life.

You are you be yourself

Everyone has a different personality it is something that you are born with. If you try to go against your nature then you will only end up in a closed street. It is not possible to do something that is against your personality. So, if you are not like others that means there is something special. Now, you might ask people to ignore me, I spend most of my time alone how come this is special? Well, actually most of the time people who stays alone or don’t have many friends are above average.

It’s not permanent

This situation is faced by most people at least once in their life. But that does not mean that you have something wrong or you are not a good company. It’s just natural and you don’t have to be so tensed at all. The reason is that it does not last forever.

You are an introvert person

Well, if you think that why can’t I be normal like everyone else or why can’t I just be happy. Then the answer is that you have to find a way to be happy if you are an introvert. As mentioned above being an introverted person is a natural thing and then most likely people are not ignoring you. In reality, you are ignoring them but you cannot understand it.

Make it your strength

There is also a trick to tackle this problem. If you feel like why can’t I be normal and it’s my weakness. It’s time to make it your strength suppose if people around you are ignoring you. Then ignore them back and ignore more. Show them that you don’t need them. It is also natural if you try to stick to a person and wander around too much. You will eventually lose importance. This might be a situation for you trying to get their attention you are actually losing your value. But if you start ignoring and show

You don’t know how to socialize

A little silly but possible reason if you are not an introverted person you actually want to hang around with friends and this situation is not ending at all. Wherever you go, you feel the same then you might don’t know how to make friends. People may be thinking that you are an arrogant person and hesitate to talk to you. You can overcome this by learning how to socialize. Well, that also differs from person to person but checking out this article might help.

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