Thick Hair Remedies 2022

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Want Strong And  Thick Hair And Healthy Scalp Without Using Chemicals ?

Having Thick  hair is a dream of every  self caring person here are some of the best the best home remedies for naturally strong and long thick hairs that strengthen your hair and fix split ends . Use of shampoos and conditioners might be short term care plan for your scalp but it can never replace the original cure and for broken and dry hairs .

Natural oil posses a gift which maybe called “All in one” it can repair your hair , strengthen and thickens your hairs and promoting their growth at the same time . Furthermore its also beneficial for skin as it helps in exfoliating the dead skin cells and nourishing the new cells playing role in healthy and glowing skin . Besides oils we recommend the use of some common herbs and their extracts.

Best Natural Oils for Thick Hair

These hair oils help nourish  your scalp and one of the best home remedies for thick hairs 

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Castor oil
  3. Argan oil
  4. Jojoba oil
  5. Rosemary oil
  6. Olive oil
  7. Sesame oil

Herbal Saps for Thick Hair 

  1. Coriander sap
  2. Gotu kola
  3. Levender
  4. Aloe vera
  5. Henna extract
  6. ginseng root extract

Easy to buy

Thick hair remedies

The fact aforementioned oils and extracts promote hair growth density  by promoting blood circulation and subsequent flow of nutrients to the cells resulting in the formation of a healthier scalp and stronger hair at the same time these cheap oils are easy to buy .

Herbal saps are simply the extract of either the herb or the extract of its fruit.

Use of these herbal extracts is very easy and does not require any complex treatment, squeeze it or put the herb in blender, filter the suspension and use.

Natural treatment is way more easier and effective as it is said

“Nature is the best physician”


Yogurt in bowl on rustic black table - Photo of plain natural organic yoghurt close up. Yogurt in bowl on rustic black table - Photo of plain natural organic yoghurt close up. yoghurt stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Yoghurt is one of the best natural remedies to have soothing and thick hairs .It is also known to promote fixation of dead split ends and induce production of new hairs .There seems no difficulty to get yoghurt out of your refrigerator and use it when it gets optimum temperature .

Let it sit in the head for half an hour and the rinse your hair with water .It is one of the easiest remedies of used naturally and have no harm applying this simple yet amazing gift of nature .


Woman applying egg conditioner on her hair Attractive woman applying egg conditioner on her hair - isolated on white background eggs on hairs stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Eggs are another present of divine to feed us internally and help external elements to nourish .This proteinaceous organic vessel contains the miracles for sturdy hair.We all know hairs and nails are protein in nature, to produce either of them our body needs protein building blocks called “Amino acids”.

Amino acids are base of every protein no matter protein that is known to have other bio molecules such as carbohydrates or lipids .

Our body uses these protein holding entities and utilizes them for “Biological Construction”of nails and hair .

The egg remedy is used both for external and internal betterment of hair .To enhance thick scalp induction by internal means one should intake eggs not excessively but moderate because over use of eggs can lead to some undesirable effects rather good as they say “Excess of everything id bad”.

The amino acids extracted from eggs are embedded in the future hair strand and it helps add more and more protein building blocks and promote hair length .

For external use , blend the egg yolk in olive oil and use .Let it sit in the head for an hour or so then rinse with water .


Milk is universally famous to strengthen bones and hair and elevates the rate of growth in newborns and also other age groups .It contains many proteins essential for defense of body against potential pathogens and foreign invading agents and helps immune system in this way.

Another important benefit it provides is healthy and silky hair. To make your hair thick , this remedy is above all if we look at the impact of its enhancing effect and properties .

Therefore, if you dont want to waste money on chemicals make this an inevitable part of your diet . Consumption of milk and milk products is mostly beneficial and recomended in breakfast .Intake of milk in breakfast is the best time for the total and complete use of nutrients present in milk.

Thick Hair And Regular Brushing 

Routine involving care of scalp rise the chance of naturally dense hair .Yet this fact is weird ” How a brushing routine could do that” well actually it does.

Mechanism behind this is same while  brushing the brush bristles run past your scalp and skin , it begins a force on skin that induces the increase in rapid flow of blood to that area of head resulting in maximum blood circulation to brain and also helping in providing nutrients to hair cells in addition to oxygen hence providing the favourable conditions for performing this important task of maintaining beauty of scalp and resultant concentrated bundles of hair .

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