Cocaine Hangover – 7 Symptoms and how to overcome cocaine comedown [Guide]

1. What is cocaine hangover

A hangover is usually referred to as excessive use of something alcoholic or substance. And, cocaine hangover is clearly referred to as excessive abuse of cocaine. Well, this situation is obviously not pleasant but not normal as well.

cocaine hangover

If you are experiencing cocaine hangover or cocaine comedown. You will feel a number of weird feelings and even pain. There are many symptoms of cocaine hangover which are both physical and mental.

2. Symptoms

As mentioned above cocaine comedown has veriety of symtoms from physical and mental and some of them are described below.

2.1 Pain and Aches

Cocaine hangovers are really something that you wanna get rid off very quickly. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case you have to suffer sometime to get back to normal. This situation is very irritating and painful because hangovers can cause pain and aches in your body that is very unpleasant.

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2.1 Eyes and Ears

Yeah, that’s right cocaine comedown can affect your eyes and ears temporarily. Your eyes might get red and your sight becomes blurry. The same goes for your ears you may hear distorted voices.

2.3 Flu-Like Feelings

We catch the flu at least once a year, especially when the season is changing. And we all know how terrible it feels. Running nose, headache, vomiting, and inability to think. The same happens in hangover you probably feel all of these symptoms.

2.4 Increase in blood pressure

While suffering from cocaine comedown you might feel an unusual increase in blood pressure. And high blood pressure has its own outcomes. Like damaged arteries and chest pain.

2.5 Increase in body temperature

One of the most common symptoms is an increase in body temperature. This causes sweating and irritation.

2.6 Mood Elevation

Mood elevation or mood swings are the most common symptom that you might experience. Mood swing is basically a condition in which person feels so much joy and suddenly for no reason at all he/she might becomes so depressed and sad. This condition is same that a person suffering from bipolar disorder feels. Person may also feel angry and misbehave to others.

2.7 Depression

Anxiety and depression are the most obvious symptom that cocaine hangover causes. And that makes sense, these drugs, and relaxation substances simulate your brain by changing chemicals in your brain. And excessive use of it directly affects your brain and might damage it as well.

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3. Cocaine and Alcohol

Well i felt this topic worth mentioning because this topic is somehow related to hangovers. Some people mix alcohol with cocaine to elevate the feeling joy and relaxation.

But what really happens when you mix then both?

If we take a look at the effects of both of them. Both have their own side effects and mixing them both can increase toxicity with relaxation feeling and time. And this toxicity can damage your health a lot and even kill you.

4. Cure cocaine hangover

Hangover goes by time, to be honest, but it is possible to reduce the symptoms and reduce the time. Taking nap or drinking more water can definitely help you feel a bit relaxed from a hangover. While taking aspirin or drinking coffee can help you get rid of your headache and mood swings. Taking shower or doing some exercise can also be helpful. If you eat some healthy food at the time of hangover this might also help your body recover. But keep in mind hangovers don’t go so quickly some symptoms will not go away until substance remains in your body.

What are symptoms of hangovers

Pain and Aches, flu like feelings, increase in blood pressure and body temperature along with depression and mood swings.

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