6 Reason why you think that I don’t belong anywhere – What you should do?

Humans are social species, so keeping that in mind everyone wants to communicate with others to keep themselves happy. But, in some part of your life or from the start of your life you might feel I don’t belong anywhere or I feel like I don’t belong in my family.

This is a very common feeling and irritated as well if you are an extrovert person. Some, people don’t really like to socialize they like being lonely and this condition doesn’t bother them at all. So, if you are here reading this that means you don’t like to be lonely.

i don't belong anywhere

And that’s completely ok, you always need help from others directly or indirectly. We have to share our feelings to let go of our stress. Our brain is an extremely powerful machine and if we don’t do the maintenance, it would collapse.

But the problem is you actually wanted to socialize but people around you are not responding at all or they talk, walk, think so differently. Then, the “I don’t belong anywhere” feeling makes an entry. This condition is or feeling is also known as Alienation. It could be caused by you or the people around you. So here are the possible reasons that are making you feel this way…

1. Your personality is unusual

Well, if you have been feeling like I don’t belong anywhere from start. Then that’s is not something caused by an incident or change in your life. It is possible that you have a unique personality different from other not in a bad way but in a good way. Like, unusually successful people don’t really socialize like normal people.

For example, if you work when others normally socialize and finished your work and hang out late when other usually are preparing for sleep. Or, you don’t talk to other first due to hesitation and people don’t talk to you because of hesitation. These factor also plays role in making alienation condition.

2. Maybe there is loneliness factor in your family

Yes, if you feel I feel like I don’t belong in my family or I don’t belong anywhere. I could be because your family is not social at all. For example, they don’t meet up with relatives or friends often. And at home, you guys don’t talk much. Just having dinner and one by one off to their rooms. Growing up in this environment especially as a social kid is very hard.

And once you are grown up and see the whole world in front of you trying to make friends. But, later you realize that they all are the same and you are just from mars or something. Here your past experiences in the family are playing their role. Maybe you never learned to share feelings and listening to others.

3. Feeling “i don’t belong anywhere” might be because you are an introvert

Maybe this is the most complex reason and if you are facing issues because of this then you might find it difficult to handle. If you are an introvert by nature then you must be facing alienation since you started to realize what socializing means. Well, if it is in your nature that you don’t talk to others means you are not aware of their experiences. This can also end up making you think and you don’t belong here.

You could possibly be belonging to that society but just because of lack of communication makes you feel this way.

4. Your culture is different from your mind

Well, this is most interesting reason to make you feel like i don’t belong anywhere. What actually happening is that you don’t belong anywhere in society you are living in. Most likely you are very open minded and fashion you like is more open and country you are living in is not that open minded. This may land you in alienation. It also happens opposite if you like controlled society and like to wear simple clothes but you are living in society which is so glittery and probably out of control. This is more irritation and lonely.

Possible solution could be moving to place where people think like you.

5. Maybe people around you are weird

Unfortunately, but yes sometimes we may be living in a situation when our colleagues, family members, and friends are different like weirdly different. They could be probably mean or they want to do and think the same as they do.

Just try to move to another city or at least try to make new friends that share mutual feelings not dictating feelings.

6.You have some sort of depression

Yeah, it is possbile that unfortunately it is you all the time. People around you are completely normal and they communicate with you just like others. But this point is fixed in your are mind you are unable to ingore this feeling.

In that case, it is always wise to ask for medical help. Check out different types of depression.


Why can’t I be normal like everyone else?

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