Why can’t I be normal like everyone else? [2020]

Do you think that why can’t I be normal like everyone else? Why do people ignore me? If you are young then why people of the opposite gender do not get attracted to you.

These questions come to the mind of many people, you are not alone. If not every time but still in some part of their life they feel the same. But, the reason can be different for every person though. Because real life is too complex to understand as a single thing can be different from person to person.

why can't i be normal

“Why can’t I be normal” You are probably overthinking

Yes, you read right it is possible that it’s just you who thinks that way. It could be possible that you are important to someone or people interact with you just the same they do to each other. But, you are too sensitive to think a little aspect too much that others normally ignore. There is also a possibility that you just want more attention than a normal person.

In this situation you are not below normal you are actually trying to be above average. Well, this is a different topic and you can actually become above average. But, we are not going to cover it here. But, if this is not a situation then the next one may match your life.

You are you be yourself

Everyone has a different personality it is something that you are born with. If you try to go against your nature then you will only end up in a closed street. It is not possible to do something that is against your personality. So, if you are not like others that means there is something special. Now, you might ask people to ignore me, I spend most of my time alone how come this is special? Well, actually most of the time people who stays alone or don’t have many friends are above average.


It’s not permanent

This situation is faced by most people at least once in their life. But that does not mean that you have something wrong or you are not a good company. It’s just natural and you don’t have to be so tensed at all. The reason is that it does not last forever.

You are an introvert person

Well, if you think that why can’t I be normal like everyone else or why can’t I just be happy. Then the answer is that you have to find a way to be happy if you are an introvert. As mentioned above being an introverted person is a natural thing and then most likely people are not ignoring you. In reality, you are ignoring them but you cannot understand it.

Make it your strength

There is also a trick to tackle this problem. If you feel like why can’t I be normal and it’s my weakness. It’s time to make it your strength suppose if people around you are ignoring you. Then ignore them back and ignore more. Show them that you don’t need them. It is also natural if you try to stick to a person and wander around too much. You will eventually lose importance. This might be a situation for you trying to get their attention you are actually losing your value. But if you start ignoring and show

You don’t know how to socialize

A little silly but possible reason if you are not an introverted person you actually want to hang around with friends and this situation is not ending at all. Wherever you go, you feel the same then you might don’t know how to make friends. People may be thinking that you are an arrogant person and hesitate to talk to you. You can overcome this by learning how to socialize. Well, that also differs from person to person but checking out this article might help.


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