Low functioning depression, symptoms and how to overcome it (2020)

Low functioning depression is something that directly affects your productivity and understanding of your surrounding environment. But unlike high functioning depression, low functioning depression is not much acceptable or understandable by most of society. If you or your loved one is suffering from this problem then today we shall discuss every possible aspect of this kind of depression and how to cure it ( spoilers alert: this type of mental illness is curable ). So without wasting any time let’s dive into the main topics.

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    What is low functioning depression?

    Maybe all of us know what is depression. Of course, we all know what is depression and maybe 80% of people would claim that they are suffering from depression. Especially nowadays when life is becoming extremely competitive and stressful. And probably they are not lying, but if they are claiming that they are ill and want themselves to become better. Then they most likely be suffering from high functioning depression.

    Difference between high functioning and low functioning depression

    Like many other aspects of life, the intensity of depression can also be measured. High functioning depression is a type of mental illness in which a person can do all of his/her daily tasks and think productively. But in contrast, a person suffering from low functioning depression is not able to think properly and mostly feel tired and sleepy. One even does not feel anything at all anger, joy, sorrow nothing at all. This kind of depression is not really common. Check out more about depression from webMD.

    low functioning depression

    How do you know that you are suffering from this problem ( low functioning depression symptoms )?

    Well, the low functioning depression symptoms might differ from person to person but there are some universal symptoms. That can help you diagnose this issue.

    Issues in waking up in the morning

    If you or your loved one is having issues while waking up in the morning. You would say well everyone has issues while waking up in the morning especially in winter, lol. But I am talking about real issues like blacking out, headache fainting feeling. That is not usual and it is most likely to be a symptom.

    Feeling tired all the time

    Well if you came home after work then feeling tired is not a big deal. But if you feel tired all the time without doing anything. And you are unable to do your daily work. Then this might be a symptom of low functioning depression.

    Unable to feel anything

    If you are unable to feel literally anything. Like joy, sorrow even pain or fear. Then it’s not a good sign and this sign maybe the top symptom to determine your problem.

    Unable to do your work

    Ok, feeling tired all the time but able to do your work is acceptable and most people face this issue. Especially, those who have a lot of responsibilities. But, if you are tired and unable to do your daily work at home, school, or work just because you cannot think anything. Then this is also an alarming symptom of low functional depression.

    Treatment of Low functioning depression

    Good News it is curable even if you think you are suffering and managed to come here. Then, you have more chances of recovering. Because most patients don’t even care about anything not even that they are suffering from a very serious mental condition.

    Mind Set

    First things first you or your loved one must have motivation and willpower to recover from this problem. Even, if you managed to make just a little motivation that’s enough for the first step.

    Force yourself to accept that you are sick

    Well, this can be a second step after making a proper mindset. As patients of low functioning depression don’t feel anything. It is very hard to make the patient understand that he/she is sick and needs treatment.

    Ask for help

    It’s no shame in asking for help, especially in this condition. If you are suffering from this problem and managed to make yourself realize. Then it’s time to call for backup. Because it would be a little difficult for you to get over this problem alone. So ask for help from your close relations. But keep in mind, always ask for help from those who you think would help you.

    Avoid alcohol & drugs

    Whatever you do but just don’t drink alcohol or take drugs. Especially in this condition. They will simply waste all of your efforts so fast that you may end up with a serious problem.

    Finally Medications

    After you have managed to create a framework of recovering the last but a little longer step is to maintain your diet, exercise, and medication daily. Get your self checkup by a doctor more often.

    Try to fix that thing which caused depression

    Depression does not come on its own. When your brain is unable to solve a problem or going through a situation that simply flows over your brain. Then depression starts, it’s not necessary because sometimes it is better to forget any specific event to make your present and future better. But if the problem that caused the depression is fixable then go finding a solution may be a permanent treatment of your depression

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    Is it possible to cure low functioning depression?

    Yes, it is possible to cure this mental state by will power, a little help from loved ones, avoiding alcohol and medications

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