What does meth do to your skin and what is the best treatment 2021

In this article, we shall discuss the frequently asked topic “what does meth do to your skin?”. And what are the possible treatments for this problem? So, let’s get started. Below is the list of topics we are going to cover today.

Table of contents:

  1. What is Meth?
  2. What is Meth sore?
  3. Meth effects on your face.
  4. What does meth do to your skin?
  5. Tooth decay.
  6. Meth Mites.
  7. Treatment of meth sores

1. What is Meth ( Methamphetamine )?

Meth is known as Methamphetamine is an artificial central nervous system ( CNS ) stimulant. It is manufactured mainly with ephedrine along with other substances. It is used as a recreational drug, meth addicts mainly gets dosage from smoking or snorting. Meth causes euphoric effects like other stimulants. Further is can cause hyperactivity, decreased appetite, less need for sleep, cause weight loss. If the dose is high then the consequences are a destructive breakdown of skeletal muscle, seizures, and bleeding in the brain, rapidly changing moods, and an unusual increase in sexual desire. You can check a more detailed description of Wikipedia. But, in this topic, we shall only cover that what does meth does to your skin, face, and teeth.

2. What is Meth sore?

What does meth do to your skin?

Those who abuse Methamphetamine suffer from meth sores. Meth sore is basically a rash or acne-like mark that appears on the addict’s skin especially on the face. As individuals do not pay attention to their skincare and hygiene and also face meth mites ( a feeling or insects crawling around skin ). They scratch their skin and increase the sores.

Meth addict individuals also do not have a healthy diet and a weak immune system worsens the problem. As no notable recovery takes place if a sore appears.

3. Meth effects on your face

Meth addicts often face a situation when their face sweat toxins and due to the lack of blood circulation skin also start drying. These two factors play a role to damage your face. Meth mites can also lead to face damage as an addicted person scratches face too much to make sores that do not heal at all.

4. What does meth do to your skin?

The same story goes for meth addict’s overall skin. Due to lack of blood supply skin becomes dry. Toxin sweat increases the effect by making sores on a person’s skin. And lastly, due to meth mites addict person scratches the skin which increases sores. These sores do not heal at all due to a weak immune system and a lack of hygiene. Some sores may also end up becoming permanent scars.

5. Tooth decay

Meth mouth is a disease caused by meth addiction. This disease cause tooth decay, rotting teeth, gums, and mouth sores, and ultimately tooth loss. There are many factors that contribute to these conditions. Firstly poor mouth hygiene, then smoking meth also damages the addict’s teeth. Meth also reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth leading to more vulnerable teeth. As saliva also works as a protectant from decaying.

6. Meth Mites

This condition is faced by individuals who use meth consistently. It is basically a hallucination in which a person feels like bugs are crawling underneath or on top of the skin. This causes irritation and the person starts picking and scratching his/her skin so badly that ends up making sores on the skin.

7. Treatment of meth sores

Meth addiction treatment includes a number of things. Using antipsychotic medications that help addicts to overcome hallucinations. Start maintaining a healthy diet to give the immune system a chance to recover and avoiding the stress that may lead to meth again. For skin damage using skin moisturizers, acne creams, and antibiotics for infection help a lot in skin recovering.

Although it is possible to recover from addiction there are still some damages that cannot be recovered. That includes damages nerves that the brain suffered and a bit unlikely but Impotence

Does meth effects your skin?

Yes, meth sores can damage your face, mouth, and rest of the skin so badly that may end up being infected or becoming scars.

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