Helpless and Irritated 2021? Because you feel like crying but the tears won’t come super Explanation

What if you feel like crying but the tears won’t come. Have you ever felt like that? It irritates a lot especially when you are extremely sad and want to cry. Don’t worry you are not the only one who is facing this problem. Experts say that it is medically impossible for you to run out of tears. The tear glands continuously produce tears for eye lubrication and harmful substance elimination. But, there are some medications that may cause tear insufficiency but if you are not taking any medication then it might be caused by your brain. So, let’s get started.

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    1. Repression

    feel like crying but the tears won't come

    Yes, if you feel like crying but the tears won’t come that means you have learned not to cry in the past. Most likely you have suppressed your emotions and your brain is now trained to avoid crying. If you notice that you cannot feel joy or fear too much that means you have got some control over your overall feeling not just crying. Is it a good thing that you have control over your feelings? It probably depends upon you how you perceive it. Just like babies cry a lot but adults don’t do often but both feel sad and depressed.

    Emotional repression can also cause if you have gone through a very hard time and there you learned to fight. Or maybe you have learned not to cry because of fear to be beaten or something. This may also be a cause that you cannot cry anymore.

    2. Your surrounding environment

    If you live in dry places where chances of dehydration are more than in cold places. Then this might play a little bit role that tears don’t come out. They actually do but get evaporated quickly.

    3. Depression

    Depression might be a cause that is preventing your tears to come out. When it comes to depression it has a very diverse meaning. There are many different types of depression and the same type can impact differently from person to person. Some people suffering from depression start to become numb. They can’t really feel anything as others do. To Coup that Depression Sometimes people use CBD Oil & Some other CBD Products because they get relief by using this. in this age of social media young people easily have access to these products.

    So, if you are suffering from depression already that might be a cause that your tears are not coming out. Because you cannot get sad enough to cry.

    4. Riley-Day Syndrome

    Riley-Day Syndrome also known as Familial Dysautonomia. Individuals suffering from Riley-day syndrome feel other emotions normally. But, when it comes to sadness this syndrome cause patient to born without enough reflex that produces tears. So, if you are suffering from Riley-day syndrome and feel like crying but the tears won’t come then your syndrome might be playing its role to prevent crying. You can read more about Familial Dysautonomia from Wikipedia.

    5. Medications

    Some medications like birth control pills, blood pressure medicines, and anti-depression medicines can also play a very significant role in your tears production. Actually, they don’t affect the production of your tears. They usually numb your feeling that causes the tears to come out.

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    I feel like crying but tears don’t come out why this happens?

    This condition may be associated to your mental condition like depression or you medications.

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