Reason to stop smoking weeds and how your life is impacted

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In this article, we shall discuss reason to stop smoking weeds. We shall cover the most impacting reasons that can give to motivation to quit weeds. So let’s dive in and see what are you actually doing with your life if you are a weed addict.

Table of Contents:

  1. Lungs Damage.
  2. Negative effects on your body’s natural reserves.
  3. It can damage your brain.
  4. You may lose your personality.
  5. Your future ambitions are at risk.
  6. Even it is popular but it is still illegal in most countries.

1. Lungs Damage:

This is one of the most important reason to stop smoking weed right away. If you are smoking cigarettes they still do not end up offering you anything good or healthy. But, if you smoke weed then better be careful as researchers have suggested that smoking weeds once has an equivalent effect as smoking several cigarettes. If you don’t quit smoking weeds then you may end up having lung cancer.

2. Negative effects on your body’s natural reserves:

Our human body responds to dietary mineral magnesium. Using weeds tends to deplete the body’s stores of magnesium, with the result that the person feels more on-edge after coming down from the high. As expected one can go for more effective drugs and all of us know what happens if you become a heroin addict.

3. It can damage your brain:

Again a logical reason to stop smoking weeds. If you are not completely weeds addict and your logics are working properly. Yes, you read that right smoking weeds to much can damage your nerves. Hence, resulting in brain disorders and lack of ability to make decisions. If you start losing your brain that means you are losing yourself.

4. You may lose your personality:

As mentioned above if your brain stops working properly then you will end up with mixed emotions. You won’t be able to understand things around you. More disturbingly you will not be able to understand yourself. You may cut off from the world stop sleeping well. How can you expect yourself to go after your dream and career in this horrible condition? If you do not really care about yourself then there must be your loved ones. What about them?

5. Your future ambitions are at risk:

If you are addicted to smoking weeds no matter why. If you went through some serious problems that lead to this addiction. And you started taking weeds to get over it. Think again, are you facing your problem or running away from it. And, running away is never a solution. Mostly teenagers get involved in taking drugs. Indeed teenagers mostly face really serious problems like work stress, anxiety and much more. But, if one becomes addicted to drugs he/she will have less IQ and decision-making abilities than his/her age fellows in adulthood.

6. Even it is popular but it is still illegal in most countries:

So, if you still don’t find a good reason to stop smoking weeds. Then this might help you. Even though! Marijuana is so popular and some countries have made it legal. But still, it is considered a serious crime in many countries. So, if you are living in a country where weeds consumption is illegal then this addictive won’t be putting you on the right track. You may get arrested for possession of weeds and end up serving in jail. Here you can check the legality of weeds around the world.

How can weeds impact our life?

Smoking weeds can effect your daily life so badly. It can damage you both physically and mentally so it is better to quit smoking weeds

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