Alcohol and CBD, what will happen if you take them together

In this article, we shall discuss what will happen if you take alcohol and CBD together. After that, we will take a look at are the effects of CBD on the liver. And lastly, we will discuss how can we use CBD to get rid of alcohol addiction.

Table of Contents:

  1. Alcohol and CBD.
  2. CBD and alcohol effects on liver.
  3. CBD and alcohol withdrawal.

1. Alcohol and CBD:

So, if you don’t really know what exactly CBD is then here is a little introduction. CBD is a short form of cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound from the Cannabis sativa plant. You can check the detailed description from Wikipedia. It has gained popularity like storm due to its relaxing effects with harming health a lot.

CBD is nowadays included in a vast variety of products from food, sprays, and body creams. Even manufacturers have taken this to next level including CBD in beers and beverages and other drinks.

So, mixing them together is a good idea? The short answer is probably yes. The long answer, there is not enough study and research that can suggest anything with surety.

But, that doesn’t mean that this topic is not taken into consideration. Some researchers have said that even if you do not take them together at the same time. Bith of them get mixed anyways in your body if you take them in between 6 to 8 hours.

What will happen actually is both of them can amplify each other effects if you take them together. If you take a higher dosage of them you may end up in sedation and sleepiness. That’s not it. CBD can actually prevent alcohol’s negative effects if you take them together.

Some researchers have suggested that taking them together can be used as therapy for alcohol addiction. But still, there is not enough evidence that can properly lead us to legit results.

2. Effects on the liver:

Alone if we talk about the effects of both of them alone on the liver. Then we may not end up seeing good results. You must have known alcohol’s negative effects on your liver. But, CBD is also not as promising as it seems. A recent study of mice done by some researchers has suggested that CBD can actually harm your liver. And it is not as safe as we think it is. So if we take both If mixed together then this may cause issues. So, the bottom line is if you are taking a high dose or you are already suffering from liver disease. Then, it probably better to avoid it.

3. CBD and alcohol withdrawal:

CBD can actually help you get rid of alcohol as mentioned above. Alcohol can give you temporary stress relief but at a certain price. And the price is liver disease and ultimately cancer. But if you are an alcohol addict then CBD can help you overcome it. CBD has the same relaxing effects but it does not damage your body a lot like THC. So, if you are looking for a better alternative then CBD is the best choice.

Is mixing CBD with alcohol good idea?

There is not enough research right now. But taking both of them can amplify each other effects. CBD is also believed to reduce alcohol’s negative effects.

Does CBD with Alcohol effects your liver?

Yes, they can harm you liver especially if you are taking them in more quantity.

Can we use CBD to withdraw alcohol?


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