Types of Health Insurance Companies ( Types )

In this article, we shall discuss the different types of insurance companies. And two main types of insurance further we shall list different health insurance companies at the end of this article. So, let’s get started.

Table of contents:

1. Types of health insurance companies:

There are multiple types of health insurance companies. A few of them are below.

  1. Health maintenance organizations.
  2. Exclusive provider organizations.
  3. Point of service plans.
  4. Preferred provider organizations.

1.1 Health maintenance organizations:

Health maintenance organizations are the first type of insurance companies that are going to be discussed.

So. these types of organizations limit coverage to care from doctors who work for or contract with the HMO. Also, they provide health coverage to monthly or yearly fees. And, These organizations’ scope does not cover out of network care except for emergencies.

1.2 Exclusive Provider Organizations:

Next in our list of “types of health insurance companies” is the exclusive provider organization. As the name reflects, the service coverage by these organizations applies only if you visit a doctor or hospital that is in contract with the organization excluding emergencies.

That means if you go visit a doctor that is not in contract with the organization then your insurance will not be backing up the fees and costs of medicine you get from there.

1.3 Point of Service Plan:

Now point of service plan is a type of organization that covers a larger area geographically.

Basically, the point of service plan works in a way that you have to pay less fee if you visit a doctor specialist, or any other health care provider, which are included in the plan’s network.

So, these types of organizations are better suitable for travelers. Or, people who have to travel long distances in their routine work.

1.4 Preferred Provider Organization:

Last type in our list is Preferred Provider Oragnization or PPO. These organization negotiate with doctors, specialists or other health providers to charge you less fees.

Even, you can avail services from doctors, specialists and other service providers outside of coverage by paying additional charges.

2. Two main types of insurance:

Generally there are two main types of insurances:

  1. General Insurance.
  2. Life Insurace.

2.1 General Insurance:

This type of insurance is the opposite of life insurance. Which means everything related to you is ensured except for your life. This type of insurance includes your health, car, house, travel. If your ensured item suffers any loss then the organization is responsible for compensation.

2.2 Life Insurance:

This type of insurance is more about your loved ones. So, that means if you die in a mishap or naturally even if you suffer from a disability. Then the organization is responsible for compensation. Some organizations even compensate after retirement.

3. List of Health Insurance Companies:

Below is the list of health insurance companies you might be like.

Final Thought on types of health insurance companies:

It is always better to live an insured life. So, always do preparation for bad time because bad time does not warn even once before coming. if not for you but for your loved ones. So, they won’t be left in this cold world in your absence.

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