What is Health Information Technology ( Guide )

In this article, we shall discuss what is health information technology and how to get into this field.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Health (IT)?
  2. Health Information Technology Courses.
  3. How to get a job in this field.

1. What is Health Information Technology:

Health information technology is something that has a connection to both health and information technology ( IT ). If you are a techie then even before getting started you must have known what can information technology offers to the health field.

But, if you are just a normal person know nothing about this but somehow you got interested in health information technology. Then you have landed on the right article.

Health Information Technology refers to a system or framework of computers working together to make the health side of your life more efficient, fast, cost-effective. Like many other aspects of your life computers have managed to improve your lifestyle. Then why not the most important and sensitive aspect though?

Now as you have got some idea what health (IT) is about. Now, let’s dive deep into this field and explore subfields that are covered in it.

Below are the categories included in health ( IT ):

  • Electronic Health Record ( EHR ).
  • Personal Health Record ( PHR ).
  • E-prescription.

1.1 Electronic Health Records:

An electronic health record is basically a system by which doctors can have a past track of your health record. Means, how many times you have visited health centers, diseases you have suffered or you are suffering from, etc. So if you visit a doctor he/she can prescribe you the best medicine keeping your previous diseases in mind.

Doctors can also share your records with each other. That means if you are changing you doctor or you visit a specialist. He/She can request your health record from your previous doctor.

1.2 Personal Health Records:

The personal health record is similar to electronic health records. But, here you can filter out information about what to show to your doctor. Personal health records can also provide you the option to track your health graph, your diet, blood regulation, exercise.

1.3 E-prescription:

E-prescription simply means instead of a doctor giving you a prescription written on paper, that you can’t really read. Your doctor directly sends the prescription to the pharmacy in form of a soft copy. That’s cool, isn’t it?

2. Health (IT) Courses:

So far, we have covered what health ( IT ) is and how it affects your life. Now, if you have developed an interest in having a health ( IT ) degree. Or, you came here to search that in the first place.

Health ( IT ) degree includes:

  • Human anatomy and physiology.
  • Legal aspects of healthcare information.
  • Healthcare coding systems.
  • Foundations of health data systems.

Online health ( IT ) associate programs typically include between 61 and 74 credits of coursework and can be completed in about two years.

Below are websites that help you find best institution for applying in this course.

3. How to get job:

Health ( IT ) experts can earn a pretty handsome amount yearly. Below are websites that help you find the best institution for applying to this course.

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